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XT40i - Q. Why is the XT40i cable 12AWG and do you have any 10AWG speaker cables?

The reason that XT40i was designed as 4.0mm2 was so that it was able to match a certain price point, and a bigger cable would have meant a more expensive one. American Wire Gauges represent a range of cross-sectional areas and so really, they are not the best way to specify speaker cables because, for example, 12AWG ranges from 3.3-4.1mm2 so XT40i is at the top end of this and is nearly 11AWG.
If you would like a true 10AWG speaker cable featuring QED AirCore technology (which is even better then X-Tube), we so already have one, called Genesis.

Also there is XT25 Bi-Wire (which can be used in single wire mode) giving 5mm2, which is a high 11AWG (nearly 10AWG which would be 5.2mm2).