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Q. Which analogue cable is capable of hi res audio?


Your network streamer has already converted the audio from digital to analogue, so it doesn’t matter how digitally fast the cables are because they are working in the analogue domain. Here, you need a cable with unsurpassed analogue audio ability and for this, we would recommend the Reference Audio 40 cables with complimentary conductor technology silver plated conductors and ferrite screening.

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    • Q. Which USB cable is capable of hi res audio?

      Answer: If your amplifier can achieve higher bit rate audio with the USB Audio Input (for example, accepting up to 32bit/384kHz & DSD 256 digital files from Mac or PC), then you would need the QED Reference USB cable.
    • Q: Which QED optical cable is best for hi-res audio?

      Answer: When speaking of hi-res audio, the actual bit rate of 32-bit 192kHz is 12.28 Mb/s. QED's Performance Optical Graphite is a good cable, and will cope with this data rate, but for a jitter free presentation of audio signals this fast, you need ...
    • Q. Are digital coax cables capable of hi res audio?

      Answer: Ordinary 75 ohm coaxial cable has been used for years as TV aerial cable with frequencies in the UHF band 470 MHz and beyond so 24/384 at 18 Mb/s would be no problem for a cable like this. However with digital coaxial outputs, like all such ...
    • Audio 40 - Q. Is the QED Audio 40 cable directional?

      Answer: No, the Audio 40 range are not directional. This is because the cable is wired in traditional unbalanced mode, similarly to a co-axial cable, using the braid as both a shield and a path for return currents. This gives the cable exceptionally ...
    • Q. What is the outer diameter of my analogue interconnect jacket?

      Answer: Please find the jacket outer diameters for QED analogue interconnects as follows: