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The Supremus Report

At QED all our cable designs are informed by our exhaustive ongoing research into cable parameters which began in 1995 and is detailed variously in the Genesis Reports. These reports set out the design-principles to which we have since adhered and which have resulted most recently in the development of QED Supremus loudspeaker cable; the ultimate expression of sound through science without compromise.
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    • Supremus - Q. What is special about the QED Supremus speaker cable?

      THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF SOUND BORN FROM PURE SCIENCE The largest cross sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable, enables Supremus to deliver the ultra-low resistance required to ensure perfect fidelity of the ...
    • The Genesis Report II

      "In 1995 we published the Genesis Report on loudspeaker cable design. In that document we established design principals, scientifically proved, which are as valid today as they were 12 years ago. This longevity is an unequivocal endorsement of both ...
    • Supremus - Q. What are the benefits of bi-wiring using Supremus speaker cable?

      Answer: We have yet to introduce a bi-wire version of Supremus, but doubling up two single wires would have the effect of doubling capacitance and halving inductance and resistance. It won’t affect the dissipation factor, because that is a unit-less ...
    • QED Qunex 4S - Design and Specs

      Please find attached the information relating to the QED Qunex 4S.
    • The Genesis Report

      This technical guide is a summary of in-depth scientifically-conducted research, with measurements and listening tests, carried out by QED into loudspeaker cable effects. Our aim was to develop new ranges of high-performance cables based on the ...