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"We have always believed that the most sophisticated sound receiving device of all time is the truly incredible human ear, and we both acknowledge and are challenged by how this wonderful instrument can detect the most minute of sonic differences that we currently struggle to measure. Exhaustive listening tests therefore remain an essential element in turning a very good cable in to an exceptional one.

But to create a very good cable in the first place, requires an understanding of the science of cable design. It was for this reason that in 1995 we published our very first ‘white paper’ on speaker cable design titled ’The Genesis Report’. This established design principles that still hold true today, some 22 years after its original publication.

Over the years, we published additional white papers covering HDMI & digital audio and this new report ’The Sound of Science’ consolidates all of this research in to one publication.

I believe it makes fascinating reading." - Bob Abraham, Co-founder QED
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