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Professional LSZH Speaker Cable - Q. Can I install the speaker cable alongside power cables?


Having them installed in this way won’t cause any problems with the audio; there will be plenty of 50 Hz hum induced in the cable, but it will all be sunk by the low output impedance of the amp.

What does concern us, is the jacket insulation voltage rating. There is no requirement for speaker cables to have voltage withstand testing on the jacket insulation – this is only required for actual electrical power cables, such as the twin and earth mentioned. We have to test the cables for fire rating to EN50575, and this has been done so that they are indicated for use as an installation cable with a class D fire rating, but this assumes they are routed within walls and ceilings with other cables of the same type. As they are not rated as electrical power cables, we don’t think they should be routed alongside power cables. We would advise that you should keep like with like, and route them next to other network or low voltage control cables, and not mains power.